Help for Good Samaritans

Questionnaire for Assistance

You found a lost dog in Alameda or Contra Costa County. You want to help him stay out of the animal shelter and reunite him with his family or - if absolutely necessary - help him find a stable new home. You ROCK. 

Because our adoption program tends to run at full capacity, it's very unlikely that we can take your foundling into our program. But in most cases, we can support you with resources and assistance, provided you have followed local laws by searching for his or her owner. Help can include:

  • Immediate access to our Saturday Pit Ed classes for free training 
  • Promotional assistance
  • Vet care and spay/neuter help
  • Support for housing the dog comfortably in your home

Suggestions for your search including your legal obligations are outlined on our STRAY PAGE.

Please tell us about your found dog in the webform below. We'll respond quickly!





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