October Event at the Rescue Barn!

The Pits & Giggles Zydeco Fundraiser and Dance Party. Our fifteenth anniversary year has been packed full, but it's time we take a hint from the dogs and have ourselves a big happy play session at the Rescue Barn. Join us! Tour the barn, nuzzle a dog, pull up a seat at the campfire, have a glass of wine, make some new friends. You can plan on a fun, casual evening with a lot of laughs and opps to soak up some of the nicest dogs you will meet. TICKETS

What is BAD RAP?

Welcome to BADRAP's new Cyber Home. This site was designed to help you learn more about pit bull type dogs and the issues that affect them. Whether you're new to the topic or have been around the dogs for many years, there's something here for you. BADRAP started out as a resource for pit bulls and their people in the San Francisco bay area in 1999 and has grown to a national sensation thanks to the dogs who want to be heard. More than a rescue group, we provide information, training, owner support, disaster relief services and animal welfare program models to help dogs everywhere. Join us!

We're Honored!

BADRAP was ranked nationally as the number one high-impact nonprofit for Local Animal Welfare, Rights, & Protection for Guidestar's PhilanthropediaWe are incredibly grateful to the panel of experts who value this work and who put our group at the top of this prestigious list.

Keep'Em Home.

We've recently christened our dog owner support mission the Keep'em Home Project in recognition of the efforts of families who struggle to keep their dogs in the face of personal crisis including financial and housing challenges. Read MORE about the project in our newsletter.

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