Internships with BADRAP

Application for Internship

Thank you for applying to intern with BADRAP. Interns live on-site for a few days to several weeks and work alongside BADRAP staff and volunteers as 'Barn Crew Members' to care for the dogs in the program and participate in group projects and related responsibiities. Interns are responsible for their own meals and transportation. In some cases, we offer a small stipend as part of the work exchange. For more info on the work at "the Barn," please visit this link.

IMPORTANT: In addition to this application, we require a letter of recommendation from a supervisor who can vouch for your volunteer or employment experience. Please send to this email address once you've completed your application: Intern Letter of Recommendation

Oops! We're have a technical difficulty with our form. Please check back in early January when we have it fixed and ready to go.

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