Christine's Story

Felix was a dog that came back to BR when his home began experiencing family issues. He was stressed and anxious about the big changes in his life, and we knew he needed a loving, stable place to land until he could find his new anchor. Christine, her fiance Rob and their two dogs helped him get his bearings immediately. He moved on to a fantastic permanent home, and soon Isabelle (pictured here) entered their lives. She never left!

Why do you do it?
I did it because I was really interested in the breed and wanted to learn more about them as I had two dogs of my own, one of which was a pit-mix. I also thought that it would be good socialization for both of my resident dogs to learn to accept and live with a rotating third dog. Selfishly, I also really wanted to have another dog without the full commitment of owning another dog.

What's the hardest part?
The hardest part for us was mentally preparing ourselves to let go of the foster. With our first foster, Felix, it was a huge internal struggle for me, constantly fighting feelings of joy for him finding his forever home, with feelings of guilt in not being able assure him that he wasn't leaving because we didn't love him to pieces. That was my own anxiety. Now, receiving updates from Felix's forever home and seeing him with his new family truly makes it all worth it.

Do you feel supported by BR?
Yup! BR did a great job sussing out a great "starter" pit bull as my first foster. Potty-trained, knew the basic obedience commands, and well-socialized with other dogs. My BR rep checked up on us intermittently without being overly-intrusive or controlling, yet made me feel like she was always open to any questions or concerns that I might have. I never felt lost or misdirected.

My next foster was a little more challenging, and even though I ended up adopting her, BR continues to be supportive and helps me with training and/or management. Although Izzy is no longer a foster dog, I know that she will always be a BadRap dog.

How did it work out?
When I had to go out of town for a few days, I left Felix with another BR volunteer that Felix knew and loved. He had a great time - going to the beach, playing with his dog buddies, etc. The day we came back, my fiance and I drove up to the house and Felix came flying out of the house and jumped straight into the driver's seat (through the open window), as if he knew it was time to come home! He sat in my lap in the passenger seat, all 50 pounds of him, the whole ride home with a big doofy grin on his face and I remember thinking, "How am I going to give this dog up?" The last time I saw Felix about a month ago was at his new digs. I wondered if he'd still greet me with the same joy and enthusiasm he used to when he lived with us, as it had been about 6 months since I'd seen him last. Sure enough, as I walked up to him and he virtually jumped into my arms, licking my face to make up for all the lost time. His new mom said that he only acts this way when he sees the BR folks again. Will I foster again when the time is right? No doubt about it.

On the right, Christine with Jack, Lucy and Isabelle (center). Isabelle is the foster dog that found her perfect lap and decided to stay!

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