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Although the bulk of our work is centered around education and advocacy, we would be lost without our rescue focus to keep us tied to the souls of the dogs. Our foster dogs remind us every day why it's important to keep pushing this project into the future. The faces in this gallery all came from crisis situations but are eager to show you why dogs live in the present instead of dwelling on the past. A small team of dedicated volunteers stay busy shining up their halos while they wait for new homes.

Interested in adopting? Great! Visit our Adoption Process page to find out what's next. 

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VIDEO of his very first play session with two new dog friends. And, PHOTOS

We heart thumped over Linus the bubble blower for several weeks while he attended our PitEd classes as a Berkeley shelter dog, and we finally broke down and brought him back to the Rescue Barn the first chance we could. What a LUBBER BOY. He bonds deep & heavy with every person he meets -- This one is going to adore having a real live family.

He's likely an American Bulldog-x. Although Linus isn't as large as his photo suggests, he tries very hard to fit himself into available laps which takes some finesse. He came into the shelter very housetrained, suggesting that he once lived as a family member in a home. He's well behaved with dogs and has been calm and well mannered around cats. What a good guy he is.

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How cute is she? Cha Cha is a soft mouthed sweetie who has been comfortable with dogs of all sizes. Cats, too. She loves her creature comforts, including her leather chair in the Rescue Barn. She's chill in her kennel, but she's no wall flower! When she's in the mood, she runs in big, fast circles to celebrate her day, and she tries her best to get other dogs to join in her party vibe.

A real ball dog - Cha Cha hopes to have many tennis balls in her life. Her enthusiasm bubbles over at meal time; she can barely contain her joy when the food bowl comes out. She's learning patience, although it's clearly an effort for her. There's a reason we call her Cha Cha!


Talk to Tim about Cha~Cha

Adoption pending:
Jack Black



Born late summer 2015, Jack is just a youngster. He's such a good pup - Adored by all. He's a leggy guy with warm button eyes. Full of affection, good energy and fun.

UPDATE: Jack's future home just lucked out. He's moved into a smart foster home where he's getting one-on-one training practice, so when he gets adopted, his new home will score by getting a pup with great house skills. Lucky you, whoever you are!

See his PHOTOS!


Talk to Donna about Jack Black


Dayo is a young, leggy teenager with a lust for life. He's sporty, connected and always ready to say 'Yes' to urban adventures. Such a handsome fellow. He loves to play with rowdy dog friends and can go all day. Now learning great house manners in a foster home.


Talk to Tim about Dayo!


YUM! This delicious nugget stands below your knee cap; all of her pretty little body is spread out into a chunka hunk of low rider love. Yes, she's an American Bully style dog and we're loving having her as part of our program. The sweet and gentle Babette with the smiling eyes is absolutely smitten with people and has enjoyed every dog we've intro-d her to. About five years old. Spayed, microchipped and all the good stuff.


Talk to Donna about Babette


The adorable senior Kizzy is off to a new phase in life. A tragic turn sent her down a new path when her young owner died. BAD RAP adopted Kizzy out back in July of 2005, so she’s now approaching 12 years old. Though still has a lot of spunk, she doesn’t need much more than a walk or two per day and she’s good to go. Kizzy is a typical lap dog who loves the heck out of people of all ages, but she should probably be an only dog as she can be picky about her dog friends. She is house trained and loves her dog crate, but a sofa would be her personal preference!

Talk to Tim about Kizzy

Ollie Girl

This smiling brindle came to us following the death of her NorCa rescuer and adopter. She's still getting her bearings but is quick to show everyone how delightfully calm, obedient and connected she is. She lived with a male dog in her former home and might enjoy that same arrangement again. You can meet Ollie in our Pit Ed classes on Saturday. Stay tuned for more info and photos of this little orphan.

Talk to Donna about Ollie Girl


ADOPTED. Born in January 2015, Charlotte the husky-shepherd mix loves being the sweet 'little sister' of the Rescue Barn. She's petite, demure, playful and affectionate. When she meets new dogs, she dips her head and curtsies: "Do you like me?"

She's as rascal-y as she is sweet. One minute she's bowing and flirting with our guests and in a flash - Zoom! - she snatches their sandwich and runs off to flaunt her prize to her dog friends. As naughty as she is, this pup inspires a lot of laughter in our circles. Because she can be shy without a buddy, Charlotte would prefer to live with another dog. She would also love humans who share her fun and adventureous outlook on life. As you can guess, she counts pit bulls as some of her very best friends. 

See her VIDEO and more PHOTOS.


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Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. This pretty girl is about three years old. She's warm and personable, gentle and connected. Right now she's living in our Rescue Barn and enjoys play sessions with several of the dogs. She is a strong candidate for homes with cats, too.

She's a refuge from the Valley Fire. Somebody clearly loved her; she has some obedience skills, is nicely socialized and expects the best out of everyone. Whimsy is a sporty girl with longs legs and an athlete's body. Please write for an application and to arrange a meeting. Thank you!


Talk to Donna about Whimsy

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING! This teenager is brand new to our program and he's having a ball being a kid. Silly, fun, connected - he's going to have a fantastic life with whoever adopts him. He was born in the beginning of 2015, which means he's got a bit of growing to do. Skeeter loves bouncing around with his dog friends and trying to figure out how to earn a cookie from his caretakers.


Talk to Donna about Skeeter


ADOPTION PENDING. Judy, you're such a Cutie! This itty-bitty girl is just spilling over with smiles In fact, it's rare when we don't see her smiling. She's incredibly affectionate and eager to please and has been having fun with the dogs at the Rescue Barn. No more than two years old, Judy is full of youthful energy and fun. Take a look at her photos and let us know if you'd like to meet her in person. One warning: She'll be so eager to be your friend that she may throw herself at your feet like a love sick groupie. Are you ready for that kind of adoration?


Talk to Tim about Judy

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. Hoodoo is such a gem. He's about ten months old, sugar sweet and easy to be with. With that underbite and markings, we have to believe that he's got Boxer in his family tree. He's 'lap sized,' has great play manners and he's showing us that someone taught him a few basic manners.

Adorable boy! He'll be very popular - but first things first: He needs to decompress from shelter life, shine up his manners and get neutered. He's already helping to exercise some of the dogs in our program. Thank you Hoodoo! 



Talk to Donna about Hoodoo


ADOPTED! Beya is home for keeps.

Pint sized Beya is a bit of an impish spitfire who has a good sense of humor and is always in the mood for a game. This is the dog that bounces around with a toy in her mouth and a twinkle in her eye, hoping somebody will notice and chase her. She's about two years old and has excellent obedience skills - Very housetrained, knows her basic commands and is keen to show them off in order to earn your friendship. She loves other dogs but can be demanding with her play style, so needs a dog friend who isn't offended by her spunk. She was much adored by her former owner, who unfortunately became homeless when she couldn't find a rental that would accept them both. They were very connected, but thankfully Beya accepted the transition to our Rescue Barn with grace. She will be thrilled to have a person to call her own again.

Talk to Tim about Beya

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. Pickles is in a new home, settling in with a new dog friend and his two lovely humans. We expect to sign final adoption docs soon-ish.

Hey, Cutie! Pickles just found her way to our program and is settling in well, as you can see. She's about four years old, does well with dogs and has a permanent smile and wagging tail. Walking down the street is the hardest part of being with Pickles; you can barely get to where you want to go without being stopped constantly by strangers. As you can guess, Pickles considers herself the best friend of each and every person she meets.

Talk to Donna about Pickles


ADOPTIED! The cat says she can STAY! 

This mature female is mild-mannered, affectionate and silly. About 52lbs. We're told she's about five years old and has lived with chihuahuas and small kids, and we believe it. She's got the low key, love-everybody vibe to prove it. This is the dog for the adopter who is aching for instant love without all the training and fuss. She's going to smooth right in as if she's always been part of the family. Because she's raised several litters, she has a lot of patience for the youngsters. She could happily live with another canine or just be your one and only and that would be divine. PHOTOS


Now living in the Rescue Barn and being a very good girl. To meet her, please send us a note and we'll reply with an application. Thank you!


Talk to Tim about Lottie



ADOPTED! - The beautful Floki is very bashful with strangers and needs a home that will be patient as he learns how the world works. He loves rowdy play sessions with the dogs at the Rescue Barn and is affectionate and loyal to his human caretakers. He's such a sweet little stinker. A home with another dog is a must for Floki so he can benefit from their mentorship. He also wants a human with a soft touch and some experience working with shy dogs.The bond he shares with his future adopter is going to be extra special. And you can guess, he counts pit bulls as some of his BFFs.

Floki was born in January 2015. He's house trained with dog-door and is learning obedience and house manners. 

Thank you for considering this special soul.


Talk to Donna about Floki



The handsome brother of Floki & Charlotte is home now. Lucky dog, lucky family.

Talk to Donna about Odo

Lulu (Puppy)


Adorable, 'simple,' six month old Lulu! She's highly social with people, comfortable/calm in her kennel, house trained and easy on the eyes. Currently enjoying a group of dog friends while she waits for her home. Such an easy dog to have around. Her only foible is that she tends to be a little clingy, but we're encouraging her daily to strike out and find her independence. People are her drug and she's bigtime addicted, but she'll get there soon as she gets her bearings.  

Lulu is American Bulldog-ish and is tellng us that she's going to be a bigger dog, likely 65lbs or so.


Talk to Donna about Lulu (Puppy)



This pup is in a foster/adopt home and will be adopted as soon as he's old enough for a neuter.

Talk to Tim about Rolo



Big head, big heart. This gorgeous girl is a full time clown of the roly-poly variety. You know those beefy dogs you just can't keep your hands off of? This is Sauce.We're having the best time watching her bounce around the yard or her kennel with a toy in her mouth. And when she's not doing Sumo wrestler moves with her dog friends, she's trying to find a way to get into our laps. Sauce is young (1.5 yo), healthy, house trained and doing well with her manners (although truth be told, she'll probably always be a bit of a bull in a china shop). She's very much looking forward to including you in her clown troop.

VIDEO (playing with her buds)

Talk to Tim about Sauce

Dogs in the Wings

At any given time, we have a small handful of dogs who are not listed on the website. These may be dogs with medical issues or basic behavior challenges that are getting sorted out, dogs who are part of custody holds or compassion hold cases, OR dogs who are waiting for a foster home or barn space before they can come in our program.

Please let us know if you'd like to discuss...

Finding a dog of a specific age, size or personality style that you don't see here

Being a foster parent to a shelter dog

Providing a safe, temporary space for a dog that needs a gentle end (compassion hold)

Talk to BADRAP about Dogs in the Wings



Heart Throb! He's 42lbs of affection and fun. Kermit is 2-3 years old and one of the most popular dogs in our play groups right now. Everybody loves the Kerms.



Talk to Donna about Kermit!


ADOPTED. Hey Pretty Baby! Mild mannered, affectionate and warmly connected with a gentle heart. Emmalou lived with an elderly couple for several years before they decided it was best to give her up. They weren't able to take her for walks and other activities that dogs enjoy, so she's very curious and wide eyed about all the new experiences that Life offers her now.

Emmalou is very house trained, she adores people and is learning how to play with her new dog friends. At seven years old, she's an easy girl to live with - and she's certainly easy on the eyes. 


Talk to Donna about Emmalou



Born at the beginning of December, Holly was the smallest, shyest pup of her litter. While her mama and sibs got homes almost immediately, we held her back a bit so our team could inundate her with socialization opportunities and a chance to catch up. She's ready for home now! We're looking for a family with another well socialized dog who will play with her and be her mentor. Thanks for considering this special little girl!

Talk to Donna about Holly!



What a warm and lovely dog! He's a small-sized gentleman with great eye contact and an agreeable, eager to please demeaner. Ronan came into a local shelter with a puppy (they didn't seem to be related) and the pup got adopted asap, leaving him behind. We couldn't stand knowing he'd lost his family as well as his little friend, so brought him into our program. He's been fantastic in play sessions and so patient during down-time in his kennel. We couldn't ask for a nicer barn resident. He's young; not much more than 1.5 years old. VIDEO (at play)

More PHOTOS here.

Talk to Donna about Ronan

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING! - This young sprite is full of bounce and good vibes. Born sometime around Sept 2014 - She's a true blue teenager right now. Smart as a whip and always so happy to learn a new trick or make a new friend. Very affectionate and eager to be in a lap or at your side. Momo is agile and has a slight, slender build and will likely be a smallish adult. We picture her out on camping adventures this summer having a ball. 


Talk to Tim about Momo


ADOPTED! See her with her new mom: PHOTO

Cricket is a full time comedian. This cheerful, connected cutie is always ready to bust out and be the life of the party - And if there isn't a party going on, she'll whip one into action. She has a teenager's spunk and is a favorite playmate with dogs who dig her extroverted style. 


Talk to Tim about Cricket!


Good Samaritan Dog

ADOPTION PENDING! Junior was taken in by two Good Sams who helped him after he lost his home. We are providing training, neuter and adoption placement assistance as part of our Keep'Em Home project. He's a very handsome, obedient and calm young adult with great people skills. So far, he's telling us that he's fine with cats. We're told he's been great with dogs too, and we plan to set up some play dates to learn what his style is like. 

Interested? You can meet him at our Saturday Pit Ed class in Berkeley, or we can arrange a time at the Rescue Barn in the Oakland hills. Please contact us for an application so we can get the ball rolling for you. 

More photos coming very soon.


Talk to Tim about Junior

Mr. Puff

ADOPTED! Not much of a pit bull, I know. But Mr. Puff decided to ask our resident pit bulls for help when he was very lost in the Oakland hills and the dogs here voted to help him out. We couldn't find his owner, so here he is.

He's a little guy at about 42lbs. No bad habits. He's clever, fun, affectionate and playful. Good with dogs and so far has had great playdates with another husky and a smallish Cocker Spaniel-x. Even though he was once a stray, he's not much of an escape artist (Yay) and he's willing to be patient during his down time.

Check out his photos. Does he speak to you? Let us know! Mr. Puff Daddy wants his very own family.


Talk to Donna about Mr. Puff


ADOPTED! Lovely Larry is full of heart. He's warm and gentle, unassuming and polite. Close to two years old. His favorite ever trick is "shake" (maybe he has plans to be a politician?) He's a quick star in Pit Ed classes and lots of fun in play sessions with other dogs. Everyone deserves a little Larry love in their lives!

Talk to Tim about Larry



Adorable, right? Little Chiquita has quickly become one of our favorite go-to dogs when we want to laugh out loud and have a good time. The video shows our first meeting with her in Jackson County Animal Shelter in Mississippi. She was silly then and she's a HOOT now that she's settled into our Rescue Barn and making new friends. She loves to collect her toys around her and sit on them like an Emperor Penguin, watching over her brood. She's kookie for a good game of fetch, and even though her little front leg was broken at some point, she still powers forward, full of determination - limp and all. She's also incredible affectionate and full of gentle confidence. Ooooh how we love this little dear one!


Talk to Tim about Chiquita

Good Times Gwennie
ADOPTED! We first fell for her for her sense of humor, but we didn't realize how much FUN we'd end up having with this little stinker. Gwennie is just itchin' to be somebody's full time clown. If you want a dog who can learn a hundred parlor tricks to entertain a crowd of admirers, she'll insist that you teach her more, more, more please! Tiny sized (40+ pounds) and near two years old. Gwennie is a big flirt with dogs and appreciates a play buddy who can keep up with her go-go-go! play style. More PHOTOS.
Quick witted, connected, BUSY and comical - Good Times Gwennie is ready for a human who's as much fun as she is.

Talk to Donna about Good Times Gwennie



Tuesday's child is full of grace.  She's silly, uber-affectionate and very eager to have her very own family. She would love another dog or two in her home. And kids! And we're pretty darn sure she'd be fine with a cat, too. How's that for happy?

Let us know if you'd like to meet his gorgeous girl.

Talk to Donna about Tuesday



Whoops! Manny wasn't here very long before his family showed up. If you keep missing out in dogs that catch your eye, please send us a note and we'll send you an application so you can be once step ahead. We don't do 'first come first serve.' Rather, we look for the best match, although preference always goes to the first approved family who meets our requirements.

Sweet, gentle, low-key Manny. He likes other dogs, and people are a favorite addiction. 

Talk to Donna about Manny

Adoption pending:
Felix the Pup


Born around mid-June, Felix is the just a kid. He's a very cool little guy; healthy, happy, extremely affectionate and connected. He'll plop his butt into a quick 'Sit' when you ask him and gaze right into your eyes, waiting to see what else you're going to say. Smarty pants! He's been playing with the big dogs since landing at the barn and is getting some great social skills under his belt. Let us know if you'd like to meet him. He would enjoy living with another dog or two, and kids are a big Yes. We imagine he's ready for cats, too. 

Yay Felix! Check out our Facebook page for PHOTOS and updates.

Talk to Donna about Felix the Pup


ADOPTED! Big bodacious Badda-Bing. All seventy pounds of him is oozing with good vibes. We learned he's a hopeless touch junkie when we gave him his first bath - he turned to mush; absolutely loved it. This boy is addicted to rub downs and cuddling and will beg for more if you haven't given him his fill. 

Total family dog; Bing is being fostered in a home with two kids and enjoys their little training sessions. He's very interested in pleasing his people and is a sponge for direction. He tends to be on the low-energy end of the scale. He enjoys his walks, but right now, he tends to go into lazy mode once that need is filled. He's comfortable with dogs, and would enjoy sharing his home with one or more.  More PHOTOS.

Bing comes to our Saturday Pit Ed classes and would love to show you his brand new leash manners. If you'd like to stop by and see him, just drop us a line. Thank you!


Talk to Tim about Badda-Bing!


Maude: the goggly-eyed heart throb of the summer! She's a little low-riding lover girl. Happy. Very social and affectionate. Calm. She's great with dogs and we imagine cats are going to be a big 'Yes.' VIDEO of Maude at play.

Maude is a healthy girl, but won't be up for much hiking or hard core exercise. She was born with a funky knee cap that pops out at odd times (ew!) - a luxating patella, to be exact. Our vet tells us that she doesn't need knee surgery, but her next home will need to be committed to strengthening exercises (Sit-Stand-Sit-stand) and monitoring her activity so she doesn't overdo it. For this reason, a home with super rambunctious dogs may be too much temptation for this wanna-party girl. 

We'd be happy to answer your questions about her knee, so drop us a line!

Talk to Donna about Maude

Adoption pending:


How much happy can you pour into one tiny little body? Skip is IT: Cheerful, fun, social ... Adorable! Great with dogs. Housetrained. 

She's brand new to us and acted a teensy bit shy at times, but we expect that to fade quickly thanks to her good nature and sense of fun. We believe she could fit into just about any home, although she'd probably be thrilled to have a dog friend or two and kids, too.

Talk to Donna about Skippy

Securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.