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Although the bulk of our work is centered around education and advocacy, we would be lost without our rescue focus to keep us tied to the souls of the dogs. Our foster dogs remind us every day why it's important to keep pushing this project into the future. The faces in this gallery all came from crisis situations but are eager to show you why dogs live in the present instead of dwelling on the past. A small team of dedicated volunteers stay busy shining up their halos while they wait for new homes.

Interested in adopting? Great! Visit our Adoption Process page to find out what's next. 

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How much happy can you pour into one tiny little body? Skip is IT: Cheerful, fun, social ... Adorable! Great with dogs. Housetrained. 

She's brand new to us and acted a teensy bit shy at times, but we expect that to fade quickly thanks to her good nature and sense of fun. We believe she could fit into just about any home, although she'd probably be thrilled to have a dog friend or two and kids, too.

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Good Times Gwennie
We first fell for her for her sense of humor, but we didn't realize how much FUN we'd end up having with this little stinker. Gwennie is just itchin' to be somebody's full time clown. If you're looking for an agility star, she'll knock your socks off. If you want a dog who can learn a hundred parlor tricks to entertain a crowd of admirers, she'll insist that you teach her more, more, more please! Tiny sized (40+ pounds) and near two years old. Gwennie is a big flirt with dogs and appreciates a play buddy who can keep up with her go-go-go! play style.
Quick witted, connected, BUSY and comical - Good Times Gwennie is ready for a human who's as much fun as she is.

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This lovely girl is a tiny-sized dynamo. Sporty and fun, sensitive and whip-smart. She's brand new to us and is enjoying every minute of being a foster dog. She plays well with Eddie (a male dog on-site) and is eager to fit in. Jamie is a full breed American Pit Bull Terrier with the best ears ever. About four years old. Please visit her at our Open House on April 5.

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Adoption pending:

Home Pending! Widget is a tiny sized comedian, with a great sense of humor and a big lust for life. We love her itty bitty size, her crazy-cute underbite and her unstoppable happy dance. Everything is fun! Every human is her very best friend! She's quite fond of dogs and will prance at their feet inviting a chase. We have the idea she's lived a nice life in a house before - She's neat and clean and loves the big armchair in her kennel. What a darling little sweetheart. Some lucky adopter is going to hit the lottery with this pumpkin. 


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Sweet Mosey! She's both doe-eyed bashful and super kookie-fun and playful. Gorgeous girl with Maybelline eyes and a solid little muscly body. We think she's young (2ish). She's been fantastic with dogs and is at her best in their presence. We find her to be very affectionate and gracious with us (a lap dog). Because she's undersocialized to the bigger world, her next person will be her Life Coach and the dog in their house will be her mentor. It doesn't take much at all to get her prancing and spinning happy circles on her back legs (Did we mention she was kookie?) More PHOTOS here.

If you'd like to be part of Mosey's coming out party, please let us know! 

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Adoption pending:

Home Pending! This pretty seven month old pup is pretty as a picture. Confident, social, full of fun and big smiles. She enjoys dogs and would likely do well with a cat in her life. Esther loves coming to Pit Ed training class and showing the world how clever she is.


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This warm-eyed sweetheart is about five years old. She has a mild case of heartworm and no symptoms, but still, the worms gotta go so she's getting ready to start treatment in her foster home. When she's on the other side of the treatment, she'll be more than ready to pick up where she left off with fun times. Check the video to learn more about her style ... This is one very gentle, soulful girl who is an especially good pick for a family with children or someone who wants a playful, but altogether low-key dog to keep them company.

If you'd like to apply to be her family, please do! She'd love to meet you and talk about life as a healthy, happy girl in your home.

VIDEO of Monkey with her boyfriends.

More PHOTOS of Monkey during her first few days in our program. And don't miss Monkey's very own FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Molly - Foster Home Needed

In Search of Foster Home 

Gorgeous, gentle, soulful Molly. She's about one year old and learning how much fun the world can be. She's calm and gracious, silly and flirtatious. We love how affectionate and hopeful she is.

Molly can also be very bashful and needs a Life Coach (both human and dog) as she matures to show her the workings of the world. She's done great here at the Rescue Barn, but she's ready for real life experience.  If you enjoy helping shy dogs find their path, Molly will reward you with the warmest gratitude. Feel free to poke us with questions and/or a meeting to learn more about her personality. Thank you!

Talk to Donna about Molly - Foster Home Needed

Adoption pending:

Beast has been staying with us while his original person searches for a dog friendly rental as part of our Keep'em Home Project.

He's a lovely soul - dog and cat friendly. Full of smiles and happy vibes. 

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Adoption pending:

Warm, hopeful, incredibly affectionate Joon. She's about two years old and promises to be the apple of her adopter's eye. A great play partner with her dog friends and nearly perfect leash manners - Joon is connected and eager to make you (and everybody else!) happy. She's a touch junkie and oozes into dreamy purrs when you offer a belly rub. She also loves to use those long legs of hers to sprint like the wind: ears blowing back, big smile on her face. We just love that Joon is one of our first rescues of 2014. She reminds why we love pit bulls so much!

See Joon's VIDEO

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Dogs in the Wings

At any given time, we have a small handful of dogs who are not listed on the website. These may be dogs with medical issues or basic behavior challenges that are getting sorted out, dogs who are being held as compassion hold cases, or dogs who are waiting for a foster home or barn space before they can come in our program.

Please let us know if you'd like to discuss...

Finding a dog of a specific age, size or personality style that you don't see here

Being a foster parent to a shelter dog

Providing a safe, temporary space for a dog that needs a gentle end (compassion hold)

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Adoption pending:
Tip Little


Tip is three-ish years old and built like a little fire-hydrant. A cheerful guy - he's smitten with people and a friend to dogs. More photos coming soon!

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Adoption pending:
Kasbah - Puppy Dork


We always seem to have a least one 'dork' in our program, and Kasbah is happy to fill the bill. He's a warm hearted youngster (under a year) with a great attitude and strong desire to please. Right now, he's in his bouncy, playful stage and keeps us laughing with puppyish antics. Friendly to all, Kasbah makes fast friends with dogs and does what he can to win them over. He's a mixed breed boy with long legs, floppy lips, goofy ears and big warm eyes. Our team is just loving this dog!

Photos of Kasbah at PLAY.

And don't miss this VIDEO



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Adoption pending:

Dogs: yes. Cats: yes.

Loredo is a tender hearted soul who is especially appreciative of what Life has to offer. His foster mom tells us that he tends to be a mellow and happy to sleep at your feet but also enjoys a good game of playing flirtpole in the yard.  He can be a little clumsy, and bounces and jumps like a flea when he plays with other dogs. Around three years of age, this handsome fellow will steal your heart.  He wakes up every day with a smile on his face, never looking back. With just that right combination of playfulness and calm, this bright eyed fellow is ready for a place to call home. 

Smiling: PHOTO

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Adoption pending:


Ned's namesake is Ned Flanders. Our nerdish friend is about six months old and currently sprouting long spiderman legs. He's going to be a leggy mixed breed fellow - all the better to show off his lovely markings and pink tongued smile. Ned's got the optimism of ten cheerleaders and wants to be everybody's best friend. Typical of his age, he tends to be a little bit pushy with the kisses, but he means well. He's got great eye contact and strong desire to please the humans. 

Watch him at PLAY.

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Securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.