BAD RAP Officers & Support Crew

The dedicated humans behind the BAD RAP's dogs and education projects.

Donna Reynolds
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Donna works to keep BAD RAP on track with projects that fulfill the group’s mission to ‘Secure the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.' She directed the nationally recognized breed ambassador Pit Bull Hall project at the East Bay SPCA from 2005-2008 and from 2008-2010, the AmbassaDog Project at Oakland Animal Services. A committed educator, she's written several articles on pit bulls, she develops many of BR's educational materials and presents the group's program models widely to audiences around the country. To help shelters and rescue groups reach their goals, she directs 'Pit Ed Camp,' a week-long intensive for animal care workers. Donna participated in evaluating the Vick dogs in 2007, then provided federal authorities with disposition recommendations and rescue support in what is being called "the largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history" in the summer of 2009. She shares her life with husband Tim Racer and three personal dogs along with a never-ending rotation of pit bull foster dogs. When the phones quiet down at night, she creates found object illustrations for book and magazine assignments.

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Donna is an executive member of SAWA (Society of Animal Welfare Administrators), NACA (National Animal Control Association), and serves on the Victims of Cruelty Working Group committee.

Tim Racer
CFO, Co-Founder

A gifted animal handler, Tim once focused on rehabilitating birds of prey for a NorCA wildlife center. He now leads BAD RAP's weekly Pit Ed classes, which earned the American Humane Association's 2006 Award for Best Practices in Behavior and Training. In 2007, he helped assess the Michael Vick dogs and worked with the federal government to secure their placement with qualified organizations. He has since assisted the Humane Society of Missouri in assessing dogs from a dog fighting case and later, served the federal government again by doing the same for dogs housed by the Animal Welfare League of Iowa in what is being called "the largest dog fighting operation in US history." He travels widely to present BR's lessons learned in housing, training and placing pit bulls. Back home, he shares the responsibility of training BAD RAP’s foster dogs and educating their adopters. He's married to Donna Reynolds and is happily owned by four personal dogs. When he's not doing dog duty he’s in his woodshop, carving portraits of dogs in the old world carousel style.

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Susi Ming-Strohl
Board President

Susi provides BAD RAP with support in the areas of business/corporate matters and donor acknowledgement. Her advocacy work with bull breed owners earned her the Wells Fargo Outstanding Community Support Work Award in 2004. When she's not volunteering her spare hours to BAD RAP work, she is the busy president of Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc., a project dedicated to pit bulls' horsey head cousins. In her real job, Susi manages an operational risk department for Wells Fargo and has 30+ years of experience in risk management/loss mitigation; corporate affairs; regulatory compliance; policy implementation; and litigation prevention. She enjoys using her corporate experience to help needy bullies and disadvantaged bull breed owners. She is owned by a bevy of special needs and senior pit bulls and bull terriers.

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Sarah Williams Outreach Coordinator

Sarah works to expand and improve our ability to help families and their dogs through our Keep'Em Home focus. She's a natural born problem-solver with a background in customer service and large scale event planning. A steady fixture at our spay/neuter events, where she wrangles the many details involved in smoothing out a successful day for the dogs and their families.
Sarah also has a masters degree in clinical psychology and formerly worked as a behavior analyst. She's a proud pit bull and small dog owner, a talented vocalist and worship leader in her church. 
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Christine Allen
Foster Home Liason

In 2005, Christine became the Director of Legislative Affairs for BAD RAP, keeping an eye on pertinent state and national legislation and legal issues, and discussing BAD RAP's position and issues with relevant legislators. She also devotes much of her volunteer energy to expanding BAD RAP's outreach services to surrounding communities via Shot's Fairs that support pit bull owners in low income communities. In addition, she serves as a fosterhome - most recently, for 'Teddles,' a survivor of Bad Newz Kennels. Her work with Teddles was recently highlighted in the Washington Post. Christine began her professional career as a judicial law clerk at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. From there, she worked for a brief time as an associate at a private criminal defense firm in Maryland before moving to California to become a staff attorney at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. Christine lives with her husband, Rob, kids Sam and Natalie and three permanent resident dogs: Lucy, the mutt, Wiley the husky and BAD RAP alum, Isabelle.

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Letti de Little
Pit Ed Class Instructor

Letti is a gifted dog handler with a special love for sporty dogs with drive. She also has a keen interest in helping shy dogs get their bearings. Both traits would describe her boy 'Uba,' who came to her first as a foster, then as a permanent family member after surviving 'Bad Newz Kennels' and the damaging effects of longterm kenneling. Uba has since found his confidence via Letti's hard work, and has earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate and NW1 (K9 Nosework Title). When she's not leading groups of handlers through obedience drills in Pit Ed class, Letti is fine tuning the manners of her foster dogs and working as a Barn Crew member. Not surprising, she is one of the first people to raise her hand when we respond to a case involving dog fighting and other cruelties. Numerous dogs from these situations have her to thank for opening her home and helping them along until they find their own families. Letti works as an attorney and shares her home with elderbull Lulu along with the inimitable Uba.




Carolyn Jones


Carolyn has been helping BADRAP with QuickBooks support, financial consulting and controller services since 2008. Her support allows BR to map out its budget so our many programs can be actualized. The owner of a busy financial management firm, Carolyn has a long list of professional clients and is especially drawn to supporting innovative and socially-conscious companies. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network (since 2010). She also served on the board of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE) from 2006-2009. Her pit bull mix, Penny, serves as her muse. Shown here with Penny's good friend Elliot.

Securing the future of the American Pit Bull Terrier as a cherished family companion.